a way in time


a w a y i n t i m e

Site-specific Game


Dimensions: variable
Materials: fabric, key, record, dice, a glass, a book, a bell, a mirror, a plate, found objects at Elsewhere


An apparatus for navigating Elsewhere Museum, through expurgation and intervention. It plays off existing works made by other artists and the layered histories and unconventional structure of a museum. Made using only the materials of the museum collection, objects hide within existing works and await discovery to create new contexts. Visitors activate the latent meanings of objects and their embodied relationships to collections within a collection.


key 1 of 7. boardless - move or be moved. the path you make is the path you take.

An artist box sits among others made by artists as time capsules collecting each artist’s relationship to specific objects within the collection of Elsewhere. This one considers individual journeys and actions of future visitors and their embodied relationship to the space and collection of Elsewhere.


It contains an event score and the first key for discovering other keys. Each key prompts movement, modes of perception, and different gestures of the body.


key 2 of 7. around the world circuit - a bell on a ribbon, sound suspended mid-air, a place to pray, a place to play


key 3 of 7. tonight's program - advice from a single woman


key 4 of 7. through the looking glass : an enchanted forest, animal spirits

One of several objects or keys placed within existing works that unlock new contexts and prompts for activating relationships to the collection. Players use the looking glass to find their spirit animal.


key 5 of 7. alchemistry - cupping, curling, kneeling, holding


key 6 of 7. absence makes the heart - the answer is a question